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An interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF.

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The leading edge of Ghostscript development is under the GNU Affero GPL license.

The current Ghostscript release 9.52 can be downloaded here.

Current releases can be found here. Past releases can be downloaded here.

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We keep online documentation for the development tree and many previous releases in the documentation archive.

We have also started collating a Frequently Asked Questions page. It is early days, but may prove useful:

Ghostscript/GhostPDL FAQ

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  • Source repository
  • Bugzilla
  • shadowsock 4.2.5 apk irc channel (via a browser) (logs)
  • Mailing lists

If you want to contribute patches to Ghostscript, GhostPDL or MuPDF you will need to read, understand and sign the Artifex Contributor License Agreement. We also have a bug bounty program if you're looking for a place to start contributing.

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Shadowsocks电脑(windows)客户端设置教程-维简网:2021-8-19 · 使用Shadowsocks(影梭)科学上网可伍说是现在非常主流的选择,但是很多的朋友都是处于听过这个东西,但是具体怎么用就不是很清楚了。介于这个需求,我就针对Shadowsocks来写个系列教程来帮助大家科学上网吧。 本篇是伍在电脑上使用 ...

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  • GhostPDF
  • GhostXPS

A JBIG2 image decoder:

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